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Biggest Penis Prom Queen Ever

‘Twasn’t all that long ago that I introduced you to the two foot long penis of Nikki Noblong from the Futanaria huge cock hermaphrodite fantasy site…

Biggest penis prom queen Nikki Noblong in giant cock autofellatio photos from Futanaria.com

…and now I’m pleased to bring Nikki and her unfeasibly large penis back for another visit since she’s just released her prom night videos wherein we watch this UWE big dick girl pacing nervously in her prom dress as she anxiously awaits the arrival of her prom date. He’s late, of course, and it’s not long before Nikki begins to wonder if she’s been stood up – and, thinking about it, he’s probably quite intimidated by her penis as she does have one of the most massive cocks you could ever hope to encounter!

In fact, her gigantic genitals are so immense that I dare say her exceptionally well-endowed willy is too big for my liking! Now that’s truly something I never would’ve imagined myself saying, extreme size queen that I am – but, upon considerable contemplation, I find that this size cock is more to my personal tastes in penis size perfection. That said, I certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a go on naughty Nikki’s huge knob for it’s sheer novelty value alone! Indeed, where else are you going to find a two foot long cock that can easily accommodate a handjob, a titfuck and a blowjob all at the same time, not to mention require at least three extra people just to jack off?

But back to our story: Deciding that her prom date has stood her up, Nikki is left all by her lonesome with only her magnificent massive cock to keep her company. So, rather than just wallowing in self pity, poor Nikki decides that wanking would be the next best alternative. After all, that enormous erection poking out from between her boobs in cleavage cock titfuck fashion did seem to be begging for attention (as I’m quite certain that, with her penis perched between her tits like that, it would be nigh on impossible to avoid titfucking it as she walked!). Soon enough, she’s sat down on the floor with her massive manhood well in hand, jacking her swollen shaft, licking her dick head and sucking herself off with abandon. So enamoured is Nikki by the engorged endowment throbbing needfully before her, she can’t help saying “I love you penis” in between blowjobs (hmmm, I wonder if she’s given it a name?)!

It takes about 15 minutes of massive penis masturbation before her balls are fit to burst, unleashing a most impressive orgasm showing gallons of cum on her tits and face in the process. In fact, at one point during the erotically extended cumshot sequence in this video, Nikki literally cums over her own shoulder with the seemingly non-stop spray of surging semen spurts hither, thither and yon! Is this the colossal cumshot heard ’round the world or what?! In the end, this endless gushing orgasm leaves her pretty pink prom dress covered in cum as her pulsing penis comes to rest still erect in the slippery pool of sperm soaking the floor surrounding her.

It’s within this post-orgasmic glow glistening in cum-covered glory that what is decidedly a rather sticky situation gets even stickier. As huge dick darling Nikki sits there nursing her cock and balls of the last remaining remnants of the enormous ejaculation adorning her beautiful body in a scene reminiscent of Carrie had they used buckets of cum rather than pig’s blood, the doorbell rings and she realises that her prom date has arrived! Oh bugger, whatever will she do now, as who in their right mind wants to date a girl covered in semen stains from her giant cock cumming (hmmm, I wonder if it’s too late to apply to be a surrogate boyfriend to stand in as a cock loving replacement? as I’d personally feel quite proud to show off my girlfriend’s giant penis to all of my friends at the prom party and probably spend the rest of the night cuddling her cock in the corner, ducking under the table to treat my prom queen to a sneaky blowjob every now and again. after all, a chick with a dick as big as hers truly deserves my fullest phallic attention!)?

Anyway, enough talk and on with the hardcore porn! Here’s sexy self-sucking prom queen Nikki Noblong masturbating her massive penis to oral orgasm in autofellatio videos that come with loving courtesy of Futanaria.com:

Biggest penis prom queen Nikki Noblong in giant cock autofellatio videos from Futanaria.com    Biggest penis prom queen Nikki Noblong in giant cock autofellatio videos from Futanaria.com

Biggest penis prom queen Nikki Noblong in giant cock autofellatio videos from Futanaria.com    Biggest penis prom queen Nikki Noblong in giant cock autofellatio videos from Futanaria.com



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  3. […] with Nikki Noblong (whom you may recall as biggest penis prom queen from a previous post), having had her already respectably ample breasts enlarged to epic […]

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