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Diphallic Female in Double Penis Dickgirl Videos

Right, then. I know I’ve kept you waiting to see the diphallia videos of our sexy sex mutant girl with two penises fucking for ages after having posted those horny diphallic hermaphrodite photos of our double-dicked damsel and her girlfriend enjoying some gigantic penis play with the mutant genitalia of their massive multiple cocks out on the couch cumming courtesy of the Futanaria porn site…

Diphallia Photos of a Girl with Two Penises

…but, to be honest, I’ve been struggling with sex scenes a-plenty whilst trying to decide which multi-penis dickgirl video clips to share from this epic of unusual erotica since sexy mutant penis diphallic dickgirl Dana Doubledong and unfeasibly large penis beautiful busty girlfriend Lauren Lancealot make a fucking good go of going through just about every mutant cock combination my perverted mind can carnally conceive bar one in a frantic phallic feast of penis in pantyhose masturbation to the manual and oral sex threesome staples of double handjobs and double blowjobs to triple handjobs and triple titfucks to the oral onanism of autofellatio and mammary masturbation of breast sex self-titfucks to full on hard fucking hermaphrodite sex with half of the twin penises in pussy whilst jacking off the two cocks at large not fucking to a bukkake cum massage finish and more with an underlying current of big cock worship flowing freely all along, and that’s not even counting the horny hermaphrodite hardcore video bits I’d bypassed in trying assemble a reasonable erotic representation to provide but a brief preview of what the full-length video available for download at Futanaria had to offer! Here’s a synopsis of what I did include…

– a couple of tit licking cock stroking double penis in pantyhose videos wherein, after some marvellous mutual masturbation jacking off in pantyhose handjob action, extremely well-endowed one penis woman Lauren has the utmost difficulty getting little miss double dick Dana’s second penis out of her hose, ultimately getting sexually frustrated over the phallic release issues with her multiple penis partner’s cock confines causing the scene to culminate in a pantyhose ripping conclusion resembling a twisted and bizarre bifurcated penis variation on the Free Willy theme

– a double handjob video that becomes a double blowjob video wherein larger miss mono cock Lauren takes one of diphallic dickgirl Dana’s multiple penises in each hand jacking both cocks off at once and leaving me wonder why don’t have an Erotic Olympics so synchronized handjobs could be a competitive mutual masturbation event before squeezing both penises together and managing to get two cocks in her mouth at once sucking her off in a sexy series of double blowjobs between double dickhead dick licking blowjob breaks to rest her willy weary wanking jaw

– a triple titfuck video cum self-titfuck video with Lauren combining the two girls’ three cocks in her cleavage despite her reasonably big boobs being too small to accommodate all three penises between her tits at once turning triple penis titfucks more into a partial tit-fucking triple handjob against her beautiful breasts instead wherein she ends up inadvertantly self-titfucking her massive penis between her boobs beneath the additional double cock cleavage afforded from above by duo-dick Dana’s bifurcated boner

– a diphallic sex video with lovely Lauren laying on her back getting a pretty hermaphrodite pussy fucking by one of Dana’s double dicks leaving her spare penis going spare when they could’ve done a double vaginal penetration aka DVP instead (oh, what’s a poor girl with two dicks to do? (well, actually, the two girls have two pussies and three cocks between them, so they should be able to work out something)) during which Lauren’s extra long penis takes position precariously close to her open mouth almost resulting in the accidental autofellatio of her monster cock

– an explosive cumshot video with two out of three cocks cumming simultaneously in a massive mutual orgasm ejaculating enormous amounts of semen skyward like twin phallic fountains of jizz from jacking off their pump action cum cannons whist the third penis of dual-dick Dana’s bifurcated cock still buried deep fucking dickgirl Lauren’s long cock equipped cunt balls bouncing away above emptying their testicles’ treasures to and fro in the continuous cumshots of eternal orgasm leaving one to believe that synchronised cumming could be an erotic sex Olympics event as well

…and only then do our duo of three penis girls take a tender post-coital fuck break to enjoy some post-orgasmic cock cuddling on the couch for a mutual penis massage rubbing cum all over each other’s cocks in the surprisingly large penis but bloke-free bukkake video scene taking us nicely past the closure of double cumshot completion in these hyper-erotic hermaphrodite diphallia videos from Futanaria.com:

Girl with Two Penises in Hermaphrodite Diphallia Videos from Futanaria

Girl with Two Penises in Hermaphrodite Diphallia Videos from Futanaria.com    Girl with Two Penises in Hermaphrodite Diphallia Videos from Futanaria.com

Girl with Two Penises in Hermaphrodite Diphallia Videos from Futanaria.com    Girl with Two Penises in Hermaphrodite Diphallia Videos from Futanaria.com

Girl with Two Penises in Hermaphrodite Diphallia Videos from Futanaria.com    Girl with Two Penises in Hermaphrodite Diphallia Videos from Futanaria.com



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9 Responses to “Diphallic Female in Double Penis Dickgirl Videos”

  1. daniel says:

    big sperm is good

  2. TaylorFan says:

    I’ve been a big fan of the stuff Futanaria have done. However the double dick thing doesn’t do anything for me.

    I was wondering Reese how many of the Futanaria videos you’ve seen? I came across an unusual one on a preview gallery I found: Asian Girl with Giant Dong. Interesting in that this girl’s “dong” was totally different in proportion. Shame to not see it in use with another girl.

    Who would you say is your favourite Futanaria girl?

  3. Reese says:

    Hi TaylorFan~

    I’ve answered you here!

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. mario says:

    dats hot

  5. toms says:

    dats hot

  6. Milan says:

    Send me Diphallic Female in Double Penis Dickgirl Videos”

  7. estabon says:

    videos? i need to freak out my girlfriend!

  8. Trenton Hunt says:

    I’d love to get with Dana Doubledong or Lana Lovelimbs because the double penis thing is surprising and it turns the world upside down, like I am in a different universe. Besides, they are the two favorite transexuals that I like and love to be with.

  9. riskraja says:

    veryveryvery huge cock

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