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Having finally seen the ultimate hermaphrodite sex video of my self fucking fantasy wet dream cum true, my work here is finished (no, that’s a lie, really, since the very next somewhat “spontaneous” series posted on Futanaria after this one is well wank worthy of masturbation merit as well). Ah, but before we get to the super sexy hermaphrodite self sex video in question, I’d like to address an autoerotic oral sex oversight I’d made in my longest penis photo post from this most sensual self pleasuring pussy penetration pic set…

Go Fuck Yourself - Hermaphrodite Self Sex

…as I’d put my whole focus on the self fucking extreme vaginal insertion of penis in pussy pictures and didn’t concentrate near enough on the big cock autofellatio aspect of her Self Sucking & Fucking Futanaria photos…

Hermaphrodite autofellatio girl with the longest penis in the world Adela Anaconda from Futanaria.com    Hermaphrodite autofellatio girl with the longest penis in the world Adela Anaconda from Futanaria.com    Hermaphrodite autofellatio girl with the longest penis in the world Adela Anaconda from Futanaria.com

Hermaphrodite autofellatio girl with the longest penis in the world Adela Anaconda from Futanaria.com    Hermaphrodite autofellatio girl with the longest penis in the world Adela Anaconda from Futanaria.com    Hermaphrodite autofellatio girl with the longest penis in the world Adela Anaconda from Futanaria.com

…which, in turn, aroused my curiosity, making me wonder whether having a real hermaphrodite girlfriend well-endowed with cunt and cock long enough to self suck and fuck herself was really that good an idea after all! After all, if a horny human hermaphrodite can have sex with itself and masturbate using her own mouth to get blowjobs on demand, what would be the point of me even being there? I mean, if she’s so much of a macropenis sexual mutant that my giant genitals girl doesn’t need me to fuck or suck her off to have sex or a blowjob to cumshot completion, whatever could I do for her?

I suppose the only saving grace of her gigantic genitalia is that her balls are too big to perform autocunnilingus on herself, should she be limber enough to do so (so thank Ah Pook my wife has a penis too small to self suck yet far from a micropenis and flexible enough to get fellatio and cunnilingus at the same time!). But, before I start to worry in an autofellatio ruined my sex life sort of way, we’d best get back to my self fucking hermaphrodite fetish as, even if you could have sex with yourself, doesn’t it always feel better to let someone else do it for you? And what good is sex if not for sharing?

Well, well-hung macrophallic monster cock maiden Adela Anaconda seems sexually content not to share her orgasm, as it goes, since this greedy girl’s genital giantism lets her fuck herself with ease in the first true solo female hardcore porn I’ve ever seen (with true hardcore porn being defined as the carnal cock in cunt coitus of a penis in full pussy penetrative sex with both male and female genitalia combined (thus generally genitally requiring at least two people of different genders to pull it off (hee hee, I said, “pull it off”!) unless we’re talking anal sex (which we’re not (but I digress))))!

Anyway, I best abandon my highly inter-sexed semen stream of cum shot consciousness before I get carried away with my cumming hermaphrodite self insemination issue again since, just as biggest penis masturbating her pussy fucking dickgirl Adela Anaconda’s enormous macrophallus of female ejaculation orgasm explodes, she aims her gushing cock squirting cum in her cunt and on clit for a post-coital pussy creampie with testicles before rubbing her semi-flaccid female erection of a clitoris penis in the pool of cum collecting sperm from the bukkake party in her pants and licking her girl dick clean in the cum on lips conclusion to my movie preview of her hermaphrodite sex Self Sucking & Fucking video from Futanaria.com:

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31 Responses to “Hermaphrodite Self Sex Video”

  1. Henk says:

    Thank you so much man :)

  2. Noseeumghost says:

    Agreed! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  3. Reese says:

    You’re most welcome! In return, could I ask that you share a link to this blog on forums and such, as appropriate? It’d be a great help to keep things going here…

    ~Reese! :~)

  4. Bbwpenis says:

    U know what would be epic, Reese? An ssbbw with a penis like Adela anaconda! Ive always been an FA, but I don’t know how the heck I ended up jacking off to hermaphrodites.

  5. Bob says:

    Thank you soooo much Reese!
    I need one of those strap ons for my girlfriend…

  6. CumAddict says:

    Damn. She should’ve came in her own pussy ;)

  7. HermLvrX says:

    I’d like to see a bbw on Futanaria too. But since the fattest chick they’ve ever featured was 9 months pregnant, it seems unlikely. :(

  8. Bbwpenis says:

    Ya. If only. It sucks that most sites like these are really shemales. :( it limits the spectrum.
    Anyway, Thanks Reese! Keep up the good work

  9. Whatif says:

    Could a hermaphrodite impregnate herself and have babies exactly like her? A bunch of clones, if you will?

  10. Cumtastic! says:

    Can you please post :
    Spontanious Cum-Busting
    Lustful Lovers in Lingerie
    & Feet Fucking Females

    Thank you !

  11. wade bell says:

    i want to marry you adela anaconda!!!!!

  12. daniel says:

    i love adela

  13. tom says:

    can you make yourself pregnant

  14. hayleegurl says:

    OK,it’s QUITE OBVIOUS that this is all faked,the dickisn’treal. The LARGEST penis,according to Guiness 2012, is 13.5 inches longand 6.25 inches thick. This ‘chick with a dick’ has obviously had some very creative surgery and camera trickerytopull this off. If you’regoingtoshow self-pleasuring,don’t insult our intelligence by posting something so obviously fake.

  15. Fucker says:

    Please post more Bianca Bonesworth

  16. Luis Jose says:

    I like a picture at the you… SEND

  17. Luis Jose says:

    or video iguality, autopenis pliss

  18. Luis Jose says:

    I LOVE YOU¡¡¡

  19. Lee Turvey says:

    I really Love this video she is so sexy plus she has a sexy body and well for her Massive Long Cock i Love it wen she Fucks her own Pussy with her cock till she Cum’s. I want to lick up all her Creamy Spunk. I want her to Fuck my Ass with her cock till she unloads in me then i will pull her out then Suck her off till she cum’s in my Mouth. XXX ;)

  20. Lee Turvey says:

    I really love this video she is a sexy young woman i love how she fucks her own pussy with her cock till she cum’s. Love it thank you. Xx ;)

  21. olivier says:

    Some futas didn’t have dick.
    How can they have a big dick ?

  22. i love futanaria says:

    she kindas spases out a little bit though

  23. jonas says:

    how is this real? Honestly!? no way.

  24. Kirk donaldson says:

    I like it bad

  25. Really? says:

    One, it is physically impossible to emit that much cum no matter how big her balls are.
    Two, that was OBVIOUSLY a dildo.

  26. daniel says:

    I would be a complete human if I had relations with a hermaphadite and would be covered in any mood of exploration or pleasures at hand

  27. Supercock says:

    Please people, you think this is real?? Hayleegurl, the biggest penis in the world officially recorded is 18 inches long when hard and 9 inches long soft. I have seen the documentary on the guy. That is some fucking tool. These stupid ridiculous images here are faked beyond all belief. How old are the people that come on here? Jesus

  28. Yosef says:

    This is Fake !

  29. Mr.sir.dr.prof.cientist says:

    No she can’t get her self pregnant because normaly with hermadaphrodites only one sex organ works very rare will 2 work

  30. Jack says:

    That is so fake!!! All the girls in Futanaria are wearing panties!
    If they are really hermaphrodites, why dont they remove all clothes???

  31. daniel says:

    J’aime ça belle queue

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